How many times have you realized that one of the on board pumps ran dry for hours until it finally died an awful, burned electrical smell, death? How many times, as a marine technician have you replaced a marine toilet pump because it ran and ran until it died? How many boat fires are caused by a motor fire? Here is a device that will take care of all of these issues. All you do is wire this device in series with the positive and negative motor leads. When power is put to the pump wires the internal timer begins its countdown. If the power is removed prior to timeout the "Pump Timer" resets and is ready for the next time. If the power stays on past timeout the "Pump Timer" locks out the power to the pump and stays locked out until power is removed from the timer.

Say you have a vacuum toilet and someone flushes but doesn't clear the bowl valve. Vacuum cannot be achieved and the pump continues to run. If the timer is set for five minutes then in five minutes the pump will stop running. After clearing the bowl valve and cycling the breaker everything is back to normal instead of having to call and have the pump replaced.

This will work with water system pumps, Toilet pumps, bathroom blowers, discharge pumps, anything that you don't want running continuously. It is adjustable from 1 to 30 minutes. It is good up to a 30 amp load. Made for marine 12 volt electrical system.

Designed, manufactured, and tested in Eliot, Maine USA.

PN 92001 Retail Price: $50.45


Two years against manufacturer defects. Year three at 50% of invoice,