Alternator Rebuild

We are presently able to rebuild Balmar 6-series and the entire line of Electromaax
alternators. Our rebuild process starts with an active full load bench test at
14 volts to determine the actual capability of the alternator, followed by a
test of the regulator to determine if it needs replacement.

We then do a full dissassembly of the alternator, beedblast the frame to a new
finish and do a high pressure wash of all parts. As the alternator is reassembled
it gets new bearings, new brushes and brush assembly, if needed a new 14.1 volt
regulator and our proprietary D+ pcb and new rear cover.

Some additional steps include peening the front bearing into place to keep it from
walking into the alternator, Surfacing the rear frame at the rectifier mounting
point for better heat transfer.

A typical rebuild that would include new bearings, new brushes and holder, new
rectifier, new regulator and our full D+ and rear cover upgrade would have a
retail cost of $339.00 fob Eliot, Maine and be warranteed for one year.

Simply print this rebuild request form, fill it out and put it with your alternator
and ship it to the address on the form. Turnaround time is typically three days.
Be sure to include and email address and we will keep you informed as to its progress.
rebuild button

Below are before and after photos of a few parts of a recently rebuilt and upgraded
that was originally assembled by one of our competitors. Unfortunately none of these is a one time instance. We have seen these many times already.


Alternator nut barely on not on
Alternator blocked fins Alternator new rear
Alternator hammered fins Alternator good fins